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Artist, Songwriter

In 2016, Norway got a brand new super group called Stavangerkameratene made up of Idol winner Glenn Lyse, Idol winner Kjartan Salvesen, X-Factor finalist Tommy Fredvang and Ole Alexander Mæland known from The Voice and the band Elle Melle.

Stavangerkameratene’s debut single was “Vekk meg opp”, the Norwegian version of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. The song was awarded gold disc for more than 3 mill. streams. Later the same year they started to release a string of successful songs written and produced by Stavangerkameratene.

After two album releases, and several radio hits, the quartet is now one of the most popular bands in Norway.

2019 was another very successful year for the quartet with major tv shows, sold out concerts all over Norway and triple platinum and gold disc awards. Their self titled debut album peaked at no. 9 in the national album chart and has spent over 81 weeks in the chart (!) – so far. Since they started only three years ago their fans streamed the small two album catalogue more than 70 million times.

In 2021, the group released their thirds album "Kom nærmare", an album that features songs that fans already know and love, as well as a handful of new original songs. 

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