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Artist, songwriter, instrumentalist

Smittebærerne (eng: The Carriers) is a rock band established by the fictitious Smitt (eng: infect) brothers in 2021. Through close cooperation (well beyond the one-meter rule), the three brothers make all decisions when it comes to songwriting, production and Smitterbærernes socially critical rock-function. Smittebærerne does not operate with a set band constellation. Selveste Erling Arvola (Smitt), and Jo Schumann (Smitt) operates in the background, while the rock-vocalist excellence Thomas Felberg (Smitt) is the only permanent carrier to spread in the public eye.

Vocalist Thomas Felberg is the former charismatic lead singer of the critically acclaimed rock band WE, who's 2004 album "Smugglers" reached number 1 on the official Norwegian album chart and won the band a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) in the rock category. The band also completed several European tours, opening for bands like Masters of Reality, Queens of the Stone Age and Motörhead.


As well as being a rock-vocalist, Thomas in known by many as a judge on NRK's “Stjernekamp”, and as the host of the quiz-show “Tidsbonanza”on NRK. In 2021 Thomas was also a participant on the celebrity reality-tv show “Farmen”on TV2 in 2021.


Selveste Erling Arvola is a writer, researcher and editor of several Norwegian TV-productions and is the lyrics-machine behind "Post corona stresslidelse", while Jo Schumann under the name of Dad Rock, is responsible for producing the tracks and shredding on the guitar

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