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Shandel & Samuels

Artist, Songwriter

It’s summer, 2018, and the Norwegian songwriter and artist Laila Samuels is participating at a songwriting camp for girls only in Berlin. At night she sees a person of the opposite sex has snuck into the afterparty. It’s the Canadian songwriter Jonas Shandel.

This would be the first of many encounters between the two of them. They hit it off instantly, and decided to go to Malaga together. The intention was to write for other aritsts, but after a while they returned to Berlin with lots of new material and the duo, Shandel & Samuels, was a fact. With two voices that couldn’t be more different, they create their very own sound. “The songs sounded so good with our voices singing together, so we decided to record them for an original project, and everything has fallen into place from there”, according to Shandel.

Shandel & Samuels released their debut single “Heroine” in 2019, and in 2021, the duo released their debut album "In the Green", that featured the singles "Desert Island", "White Horse", "Gold" and "Bounce Back". 

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