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Isak's Island

Artist, Songwriter

Isak's Island is the singer-songwriter project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aksel Undset. Aksel was born and raised outside Oslo, and has spent his entire life dedicated to music. 

A big part of his adult life has been spent playing in pubs, bars and busking on the streets of London. It was also in London Aksel began focusing on the art of songwriting, and launched himself as an artist under the name Isak's Island. 

Isak's Island has spent the last few years touring and playing gigs in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia, and has collaborated closely with artists such as Brooke Sharkey, and August Kann. 

Aksel is first and foremost a guitarist, but he often plays several other instruments on his recordings. On his EP "The Flying Island", released in 2020, Aksel plays all the instruments himself.  

In 2021, Isak's Island released his first album "Songs for Winter", an album written partially in London and in Oslo between 2017 and 2020. All the songs on the album has some connection to the winter season.  

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