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CeCe Evelyn

Artist, Songwriter

Cecilie Helgedal, the 24-year old behind the name, is a singer, songwriter and guitar player from Mjøndalen outside of Drammen.


Cecilie writes all her own music, plays the guitar, and carries her heart on her sleeve while on stage. Songwriting has always been a big part of Cecilie Helgedal's life, and she wrote her first lyrics at the age of 9. The singer/songwriter considers songwriting the one thing in her life that comes most naturally and claims to never turn the songwriting part of her mind off.


As for the guitar, it was picked up at the age of 11 and never put down again, claiming her mother’s old guitar as her own, spending 6-8 hours a day practicing on her own through videos on YouTube, as well as composing her own material.

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