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Trygve Kongshavn

Artist, Songwriter

In his  daily life Trygve Kongshavn is a medical doctor but music is the big love of his life. He is part of a family surrounded by music.


Trygve is the uncle of well known Norwegian artist Emilie Nicolas (Kongshavn) and the father of songwriter, producer and guitarist Thomas Kongshavn. Thomas is currently best known as Karpe's musical director, who established them as a major live band with his backing band SomethingSally. 


Trygve Kongshavn also has a long history as a major player in the music industry. In the 80’s he established Europe’s largest music festival Midtfyn Fesival in Denmark. Today he spends his spare time in writing music for children, focusing on the smaller children, age 2-5. This is an age group that rarely gets attention from musicians in Norway.


His first album “For liten og for stor” was a big success, especially his children hit single “Æsj, bæsj, promp og fis” (currently close to 4,5 millions streams).

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