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Artist, Songwriter

“I am first and foremost, a creator. I am also a chameleon; I fit in where I need to,”Shontelle explains. “Some people would call me a pop/R&B artist, but I’m really just a singer sharing my stories.”


The gorgeous young singer was born Shontelle Layne on the beautiful island of Barbados. While attending high school, Shontelle met and became friends with another young talent with big dreams; her name was Rihanna. Her first song “Roll it Gal” found its way to Alison Hinds, another prominent singer in Barbados, where the song became a hit. Her next breakthrough as a songwriter was “Man Down”, the sixth single lifted from Rihanna’s fifth studio album “Loud”. The album was certified platinum in the U.S. and ranked top ten on Billboard’s year-end album charts. Shontelle’s role on “Man Down” awarded her the title as a Grammy nominated songwriter. Later she got known from her worldwide hits “Impossible” and “T-Shirt”.

Shontelle recently released a new single and music video with the Norwegian neo-soul band D’Sound titled «Necessary Love» September 3rd, 2021. This was the beginning of a longer collaboration with the drummer and key member from the band, Kim Ofstad - and the label daWorks.

In the spring of 2022, her new EP "Boomerang" was released. The EP include the singles "Sanctify", "Be the One" and the title track "Boomerang", as well as other original songs and remixes.

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