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Artist, songwriter, producer

Singers, songwriters and producers Monica Ifejilika (NO/NIG) and Asta Busingye Lydersen (NO/UG), share four decades as active artists and activists between them. Just like their cultural identities, Queendom’s music exists in a space between genres and cultures. Asta and Monica both grew up in households filled with music, from traditional Nigerian and Ugandan sounds to pop, and their own music is a delightful blend.

The sound of Queendom is powerful, energetic and emotional. Percussion based pieces and political outcries coupled with contemplative melodies, all accompanied by strings – from the West African Ngoni, as well as acoustic and electric guitars.

They call their music Africana – a Pan-African blend of traditional and urban musical styles from the continent, mixed with American and European impulses.

«We had to ask ourselves the question: is the drive and the social commitment still burning in us? Do we still have anything to say?» The answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and the coming album «MamaLove» is the unfiltered thoughts of two grown women – and mothers – shaped by lives led and challenges met.

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