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Laila Samuels

Artist, Songwriter

Laila Samuels from Oslo got her breakthrough in 1998, with the band, The Tuesdays and their song “It’s Up To You”. The song charted at number 55, on Billboard Hot100.  Since then, Samuels has been one of Norways most active and successful songwriters, and written more than 300 songs for artists across the globe.


In Norway, she has topped the radio and sales charts with e.g. “Hell If I” and “Stars” with Alejandro Fuentes, and “Burning” with Maria Arredondo.


Internationally, she has worked with artists like the electro-duo Moderat, INNA, Rea Garvey and Marlon Roudette from Mattafix as collaborators. As a singer she has also contributed in duets with artists like Vinni & the Vagabonds, Ravi, Curse and several international DJs and artists.


After eight years as a songwriter in Berlin for international artists, she recently moved back home to Norway, where she continues to work on new music.

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