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daWorks Music Publishing represents some great songwriters and their works. The company operates in collaboration with Warner/Chappell Music Publishing – our co-publishing partner in Norway and the rest of the world for some of our catalogue. A handful of songwriters writes or co-writes songs for artists and single/EP/album projects. daWorks Music Publishing annually hosts the co-writing camp Song Farm ( together with Norwegian indie label Bisi Music at Saltögården on the Swedish west coast. For further information about songwriters, co-writes and available songs for your projects please contact

Anita Lixel

Anita Lixel
Anita Lixel Lipsky is an Australian songwriter who has been living in Oslo since July 2011. Anita’s specialties are writing lyrics and toplining. Anita’s releases include a co-write with Belgian pop-folk artist Auryn for her single “Not Into Love”, a co-write with Michael Garvin and Patrick Hamilton for the first single of “Belgian Bublé”, Yannick Bovy’s album “She’s Even More Beautiful”, and a co-write with Johanna Demker, Tommy Berre and Lisa Stokke for Lisa’s contribution in the Norwegian qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, “With Love”. Some of her more recent dance-pop releases are May Qwinten’s “Use Your Other Head” (Sweden), a teen-pop track “Snapshot”, sung by Hazel Jade Rogers (Ireland), Yolanda Selini’s “Play Me Like A DJ” (Norway) and Shackles’ “A Christmas Kiss With You” (Norway).


Carina Dahl
Carina Dahl is a well-known Norwegian singer and songwriter. After six years of living in Stockholm and working with Swedish producers, she released her first album “Hot Child” in 2011. Carina’s breakthrough came in 2012 with the single “NLTO (Not Like The Others)”, which she wrote with Elias Kapari and David Hedvall. In 2013 Carina participated in the Norwegian qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Sleepwalking”. More singles followed, all of which Carina co-wrote. Carina’s second album is due to be released later in 2015.


Elouiz was discovered when she was 13 years old as a girl with a unique voice with a wide range. Since then she has gathered stage experience and developed into one of the most promising new artists and vocal talents in Norway. Elouiz – now 19 years old – was born in Sweden and grew up in Maura near Oslo, she speaks both Norwegian and Swedish and feels at home in both countries. Both of her singles “10” and “Mr. Right” have received good response from Norwegian radio stations. Currently Elouiz has been working on her new singles with Swedish and Norwegian songwriters and producers.


Jenny Langlo
Jenny Langlo is a 21-year-old Norwegian singer and songwriter, mostly known for winning the Norwegian Idol in December 2011. She started playing the guitar and writing songs at an early age. After her success in Norwegian Idol she started co-writing and writing songs in different genres. Jenny is signed by Universal Music, and she has had a contract with daWorks Music Publishing since December 2013. Jenny participated in the Norwegian qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest in March 2015 with the song “Next To You”, which she wrote with Robin Mortensen Lynch and Niclas Bengt Olovsson. Jenny’s debut album is on the way.

Thomas Kongshavn

Thomas Kongshavn
Thomas Kongshavn is a songwriter, guitar player and leader of the band Something Sally. Something Sally released their first album in 2008, which included a duet with Joss Stone, “Tip Of My Tongue”, written by Thomas. Since 2010 Something Sally has been playing as the supporting band for the famous Norwegian rap duo Karpe Diem, and Thomas has been co-writing and arranging their songs.

Thomas is also one half of the Norwegian songwriter/producer team Brightlights. The other half is Kjetil Røst Nilsen. Together they have been involved in several high profiled projects and worked with artists such as Frida Amundsen, Marion Ravn, Agnete and Winta, among others.


Thomas Pettersen
Thomas Pettersen is a musician, songwriter and producer from Bodø. He started the electropop project Arcane Station, and in January 2015 released his debut single “Make Me A Bird”, featuring Marianne Hekkilæ, a young vocal talent from Vadsø. The song has been warmly received and has been playlisted on several radio stations in Norway, including NRK P1 and NRK P3. Thomas is currently working on his next singles.