Northquake is relatively new band from the North of Norway in the rock/metal genre. The core of the band consists of three experienced musicians with backgrounds from rock, metal, joik, hardrock, to more alternative styles like ethnic, mainstream and folk music.

Northquake is a result of three ambitious musicians that enjoys music more than anything, and wants to be creative and make something new and special together. It started in a small scale with jamming, recording, EP, and some demos, but have gradually become something bigger. Their music is about nice grooves, energy and feeling the vibes listening to it.

In 2017 they released a mini-EP, and a single, but never felt this was truly “Northquake”, so they made some line up changes for the new album “Words in Disguise” released in June 2018. This album represents what Northquake is about, and what it should be in the future.