Henrik Høven

Henrik Høven is a Norwegian artist, dancer and songwriter delivering catchy urban pop songs.

When he was 9 he won a talent show at his school. That was the kick off for his music career. Already as a tween Henrik had a nationwide tour (MGP Jr) under his collar, after reaching 2nd place in the national selection final for Eurovision Song Contest Junior 2013 in Norway with the song “Når jeg ser deg”. After signing to label and publisher daWorks in 2015 he released his debut single “Ungettable Girl” and started to develop a career as an artist, dancer and songwriter.

Since then he has released a number of singles including “10/10”, “What Did You Do” and “Weekend”, who all got a lot of national radio play in Norway. Henrik released his debut EP “ALLSTAR” in 2019, and is currently writing and recording for his debut album due 2020.