Armi Millare

Armi Millare is a singer/songwriter from electronic-rock band Up Dharma Down or UDD as they are called by their devoted fan base in Asia. 

Since 2006, she has released three albums with her band and toured extensively around the world (including Asia, the Middle East, US and Canada). The BBC tagged them as the “Asian band to most likely to cross over North American shores” while Time Magazine has called the band’s music “genre-defying” as well as “both thoughtful and sensual.”  Her work with the band has garnered critical praise from artists such as Tim Bowness of No Man, Curt Smith of Tears for Fears, and a collaborative track with Scotland’s Paul Buchanan of The Blue Nile.

In 2017 she launched Startup Series where she plays her unreleased tracks, as well as the beloved hits she has created with UDD in new cities, and kicked it off in Berlin and in the UK. Stoa Sound, the music-producing body of Stoa Studios founded by Millare launched in 2018 writing original music for film, animation and other media, preserving the same vision and attention to detail as the multi-disciplinary brand.

Armi Millare has done work as Munro— an exploratory artistic platform featuring a multi-sensory and experimental one-off performance for art festivals and artist residencies. Here she gets to work with multi-media artists utilizing her knowledge in Asian Music as her chosen major in the University of the Philippines College of Music.

She is currently working on her debut solo album.